Bigplaytime 2010

Will Elsom from Bigplaytime sent over this rad edit featuring a bunch of photos and stuff from the past year. I’m really stoked on how this is put together and it really makes me wish I was 17 again with nothing on my mind but BMX and girls. You can watch the video after the jump and make sure to check out the Bigpalytime site while you are at it!

8 responses to “Bigplaytime 2010”

  1. Wednesday says:

    Yes shouting.
    Good to Wednesday on there too…

  2. joe McCrae says:

    We are stoked for you boys!

  3. Truth says:

    Ha. Repose. Ha.

  4. renno says:

    Who ever made that has a nice talent. Good shit.

  5. Matt_the_what says:

    Love this edit <3

  6. Leo says:

    Proper amazing guys.

  7. DavidLang says:

    That was totally unexpected, awesome, and inspiring. Rad vid