Anthony Napolitan in Iraq: Random iPhone Photos

Anthony Napolitan hooked us up with a bunch of amazing iPhone photos from his recent trip to Iraq. Keep reading to check them out and make sure to click on them to see em full size, especially the panoramas!

This is one of the buildings in Iraq where they store the troops weapons. It didn’t seem like much at first but, once you walk around the inside of the building you realize how much artillery is actually there. So this is a pano of it all.

I was so stoked to see these Predator Planes! These things are insane because in order to fly them you don’t need a pilot in the plane. Someone is Nevada or Utah fly’s this in Iraq from a computer. It’s unreal! 360 degree cameras and they can be loaded with weapons as well.

This F-16 is worth anywhere from $36M-$50M! We went on a tour of the maintenance for this plane. A lot goes into these to keep them running.

I always thought Catfish would drop an album before he bought an airline.. Sometimes you gotta race! Catfish Air.

Sunrise in Baghdad. We stayed in one of Saddam’s Palaces while we were there. Saddam built it for his daughters wedding guests to stay in while attending the event.

This is the Flintstone Village. The only thing Saddam liked from America was The Flintstones Cartoon Show. He built this for his grandchildren after he viciously killed one of there fathers for betraying him.

This is the Worlds largest chandelier, collapsed to make a perfect vert wall. You know we lined up some door as a runway and rode this bad boy.

Sunset at a base called Warrior. I love sunset photos. Catfish just talked about the chem trails all around it hahaha!

Drew Bezanson inside the seat of a tank. Drew’s riding is the same comparison of this tank….. Can’t be stopped!

Everywhere we traveled we did it in the cargo of a C-130 plane. This photo is awesome because it’s proof that BMX can take you anywhere in the world to do the wildest things you could ever imagine.

5 responses to “Anthony Napolitan in Iraq: Random iPhone Photos”

  1. joeybaggadonuts says:


  2. Nice pictures, is that the iphone 3 or the 4?

  3. Matt says:

    Awesome, does anyone know which app was used for that last photo, to get that effect?

  4. Anthony Napolitan says:

    It’s an iPhone 4….. and the effect came from the natural light and the help of the HDR on the phone. I couldn’t duplicate that effect again if I tried.

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