Animal X Defgrip t-shirt

We teamed up with Animal Bikes and Edwin De La Rosa to produce a t-shirt featuring a photo that ran in the FW 2010 lookbook on Defgrip. The shirts are limited to 75 pieces and all ship with a full color zine featuring photos from the lookbook. The zine is really dope and we are stoked on how the shirts turned out.

So stoked in fact that we are also running a second design in three colors featuring a different photo that will be available on the Animal online store as well as your local bike shops!

Click here to pick up one of the limited shirts/zines from our online store and keep reading to check out more photos of the shirt.

The limited shirt available from the Defgrip online store and ships with a free zine.

The second shirt available at your local bike shops and the Animal online store.

5 responses to “Animal X Defgrip t-shirt”

  1. James Wade says:

    Ooooooh I got me one of them suckers!

  2. James Wade says:

    PS. Wish that the Animal online store didn’t charge $96 to ship to Australia, cause that tee is also fresh!

  3. josh.kirtland says:

    fuck. yes.

  4. Philipp says:

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