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After watching Anthem 2, it dawned on me that 2010 was pretty awesome for legit BMX video projects.

There was definitely a time when the fate of videos was in question due to the internet, but this year proved different. A company might not sell as many videos as it once would, but good DVD’s are still sought after, well received and I thank brands for continuing to put in the work.

Below, I go over a few videos that stood out for me this year. This is not a be all end all, year end best of videos post (I haven’t seen everything), but just an overview of some notable ones. They are not listed in any particular order.

Feel free to add your input/feedback in the comments.

Anthem 2

I almost don’t know where to begin with Anthem videos. I hold the first one in high regard, as it hit the nail on the head for me during that time period. It was perfect, and trails were my shit. The second one just dropped, and holds just as much weight.

First and foremost, Mike Aitken. Not to discredit anyone else at all, but we are all aware of what he has gone through, and watching his part in Anthem 2 reminds you of Mike’s power and style. Classic.

On the other end, you have Sean Burns… wow.

However, everyone featured in Anthem 2 is deserving of being in there to carry on the Anthem tradition. Everyone produced. I also think Stew did a good job of keeping the Anthem “feel” there, while keeping it fresh with a mix of riding.

I can’t help but think “badass” after watching Anthem 2.


You will always get good results when you combine James Cox and the United cast of shredders. This video was promoted pretty openly for a while, so it was great to see the final product be so good. A lot of people thought so, as TIU won a Nora Cup for video of the year. Congrats!

This video is clean, consistent and pleasing to the eyeballs. Visually, It’s more polished than it is raw, which is perfect for the onslaught of amazing riding. Corey Martinez is one of my favorite riders EVER, and to have his part end the video after an equally impressive part from Nathan Williams, qualifies as an “onslaught of amazing riding” to me. The whole crew has something to offer. Ian Morris throws down and Metro had one of my favorite parts too.

United got to travel the world and live BMX to give us a good watch, so thanks to all involved.


This video is like a journey to me. It’s looooong, but I fully embrace that. Long doesn’t mean bad. I prefer to watch CUTS in it’s entirety in one go, rather than in parts. Not to say that it doesn’t work in parts, but the whole thing works so well as one, that I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s almost like watching a movie. All the various music throughout creates different moods and all the little DJ/mixtape style tie-ins are a treat.

CUTS has an overall natural riding feel to it, with gnarly stuff in the mix and pockets of randomness (people slipping on ice skit). CUTS feels more like an accumulation of good sessions versus “filming for a video” and the segue from Scerbo to Edwin has to be one of my favorites in that video.

Anytime I watch an Animal video, I’m reminded of how much flavor the East Coast has.


I can’t lie, I kind of expected a lot of weed smoke and rap music going into Football, but I got live Fleetwood Mac and a really clean straight forward video instead. Good job.

I think this video will be remembered by 2 things, Garrett Reeves and the dude who rode the cows. That dude is Mike Mastroni, who also put the video together. Mike is talented on and off the bike and his part was easily my favorite. I was literally waiting to see what came next. Garrett’s part is just bonkers….

All in all, Football has a good cast of hungry young riders putting in some good work with an overall execution that was well thought out (see the intro).


If any “new” brand has hit a home run, it’s Cult. All BMX politics aside, they are definitely doing it. The team appears to be super down for the cause and it shows.

For me, there was no getting used to Let Em Talk, I liked it after the first watch. The video just works in a casual sort of way. The riding is REALLY REALLY solid, but it doesn’t have an overly “epic” sort of feel. It’s definitely raw and street and they accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The soundtrack is interestingly diverse and pretty dialed (although I wasn’t that crazy about Hawk’s song), and the minimal animated titles tie it all together.

It’s no surprise that Ryan “golden touch” Navazio was behind this video as well. Onto the next one…

I think these 5 videos alone are a good representation of where BMX is at. While the approach and production styles may vary, the end result is a unique piece of BMX history, showcasing a level of riding and creativity that continues to progress.

Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

11 responses to “Videos 2010”

  1. Cory B. says:

    100% agree on the Scerbo to Edwin transition. Got me so stoked.

  2. Hines says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself, great post.

  3. Grammar nazi says:

    It’s just segue – the way you’ve written it would be pronounced seg-way-way. Spot on about the segue though!

  4. stevo says:

    you should add the Tripped video

  5. Thanks Grammar Nazi, fixed!!

    stevo, Tripped was more of a web promo. Dope for sure though.

  6. fioletov says:

    and what about bone deth???

  7. D Rod says:

    How can you even say Animal without HAMILTON!!!!!!

  8. Drew Kukura says:

    I think Bone Deth deserves a shout. It seems like everybody kind of ignored that video. Too weird in comparison to the rest of the bigger videos of the year I guess. The length of the Animal video ruined it for me, it could have done without nearly all the mix sections and it would still be lengthy.

  9. Nuno says:

    Yeah, I haven’t seen Bone Deth, but I’ve heard good things about it. I knew that video would come up in the comments, which is why i pointed out that I haven’t seen everything, haha..

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