Timmy Theus / Defgrip / Cult Edit

We’re pretty psyched to bring you the Timmy Theus / Defgrip / Cult edit, featuring riding by Timmy from this fall.

filmed by
edited by
  • Fred

    Excellent stuff. What’s the music?

  • Whips are dialed!

  • Can You Get To That by Funkadelic

  • intrikat


  • Matt

    Timmy is one of the smoothest riders alive… Everything he does is so clean. Damn.

  • The guitar riff in the beginning reminds me of a different song and it’s driving me crazy not being able to think of it. It has almost chanting vocals but not quite… god damn it.

  • Think it might involve “6- 6 – 6” or something similar sounding in the chorus… I hate losing track of things.

  • 619rider

    sick riding, has a sick style. i just dont understand why the freecoaster, he didnt really use it at all.

  • AH! It’s a Sleigh Bells song that samples Can You Get To That… song I’m thinking of is Rill Rill.

    This dude has pop and quick bars.

  • Whips on lock.

  • mike


  • cooper

    i have rode the first spot in the video, good spot

  • Fuck yeah……I love all of those spots and there was a tiny splash of pilsen in there…which makes me psyched…haha Timmy is always in Beast Mode…..awesome edit Brady.

  • renno

    His whips feel as fast and snappy as a kick flip on a skateboard.

  • Curious as to what makes this a defgrip edit other than it being posted on defgrip?

  • Chris, I (as Defgrip) spoke to Andrew Brady (who is involved with Defgrip) about doing a little project with his boy Timmy, who is being pushed through Cult as well.

    Me bringing up a project + Andrew filming and editing + Harrison’s help with the artwork = Defgrip content

  • Re-up on facebook. Awesome stuff, always liked Timmy’s ‘Vinyl’ edit, and wondered if more would come.

  • sam


  • gucci mane

    control is over the top, damn

  • Thanks for the explanation Nuno, i guess i was just used to the Andrew Mcmullin/Harrison Boyce short’s which have a distinct style that reflects the defgrip name, through my eyes.

  • boner

    timmy nigger

  • allan cooke

    Dude’s whips are sooooo clean.

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