Sunday! – LAX to ATX Edit

The Sunday team road-tripped it up from Cali to Texas. The trip consisted of Alex Magallan, Aaron Ross, Garrett Reeves, Tom Arkus, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Lee Dennis. Gary Young unfortunately got hurt prior to the trip.

Click below to check that out. Enjoy!

LAX to ATX from Sunday Bikes

4 responses to “Sunday! – LAX to ATX Edit”

  1. stoned kyle says:

    wow great riding. sprocket to nose Manuel. my audio was delayed

  2. h00d says:

    1st song is by New Order off Substance album

  3. pundit says:

    Those were a few minutes well spent watching that.

  4. says:

    Now it’s time to decide your particular investments.