Röyksopp – Senior Living

My brother just hit me with a link to a six song music video/short film for Röyksopp’s new album titled “Senior.” The film follows three girls as they explore the ruins and come across child zombies and lots of skulls. Shot in what looks like a crazy blown out war-zone city from Eastern Europe, actually turns out to be Detroit. The IFC website got a few quotes from the directors Noel Paul and Stefan Moore: “We shot it in Detroit because it is exists as a contemporary dystopia.” If you have to see it to believe it, if you’ve never been there. They didn’t do any set dressing either. “All of our locations were filmed as we found them.”

7 responses to “Röyksopp – Senior Living”

  1. beacon says:

    yup, old Packard Plant. got lost there not too long ago, good times.

  2. allan cooke says:

    Not gonna lie, now I want to go to Detroit.

  3. ryan says:

    that was awesome.

  4. austin says:

    Yup. I live in Port Huron which is about an hour north of Detroit. It can be a pretty spooky place right now. What’s weird is nearly across the street from some of those run-down abandoned buildings is one of the most thriving areas within 100 miles.

  5. totalschwarr says:

    cool vid. dude’s got some pics up here of the old plant: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paanta/sets/731080/

    when in roam just make sure you got a defense tool and an exit in site. you never know what dwells in the D…

  6. I live here and I love it. they just filmed transformers 3 at the packard for a few months. Detroits great. Cant live in fear. Packard is a suburban white kid hang out…

  7. Katrina says:

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