Lahsaan Kobza / Defgrip / Subrosa

Merry Christmas everyone! Lahsaan Kobza has just been bumped up to the Subrosa Pro team and we are very excited to bring you and exclusive edit, welcoming him to the pro team! To go along with the video, we hit up Lahsaan with a few question about hooking up with Subrosa, what he’s been up to and what we can expect from him in 2011. Check it out!!

– What’s up Lahsaan, want to give everyone some quick background on where you are from, how you got into BMX and all that.

I got into BMX when my mom bought me a 16inch GT performer at a garage sale. I found some dirt jumps down the alley from my house and it was a wrap from there!
I was born in Lincoln Nebraska and moved to San diego when I was 13-14 to race but I started hating the racing scene in Cali so I decided to quit and have fun everyday for the rest of my life!

– Who are some of the dudes you ride with on a daily basis?

TAMMY JANE, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Tom Perry, Christian Rigal, Anthony Ayala, Albert Mercado and the infamous Gary Young! There’s not one day that we don’t go out and put our boogie shoes on. Miles, Ty, Garrett, JJ, and Tony Ennis all moved to SD so we’ve been getting shit DONE!

– How did you first meet up with the Subrosa guys?

I had always looked up to Hoang and Kyle for the longest time. I rode with with em a few times at the skatepark, but the first time we really partied and hung out was at a party at Tammy’s brothers house. I was damn near blacking out and the one thing I remember from the night was Hoang tellin me he was gunna get me a Subrosa and I was gunna be on Subrosa one day. Best night ever! Few months and a web edit later I was on the skele crew. Couldn’t thank Hoang and Kyle enough for being the best of friends to me and puking with me everytime we party. Haha love you guys!

– What are some of the things you are looking forward to most now that you are on the pro team?

Traveling and having input on the new Subrosa line. The crew is not ready to see me overseas!

– Out of all the clips in this video, what clip are you most stoked on and what clip did you have the hardest time getting?

All OF EM! I worked my ass off for this edit and I’m real psyched on it! Definetly real psyched on the smith to hard 180 on the out ledge cause I’ve never done one before and I got it done in 3 trys cause we were gettin kicked out! Shout out to Albert mercado

So you just moved in with Miles and Temple, how’s that going?

It’s so amazing to move in with my family, me and miles are seriously so much a like it’s nuts! We’re gunna get in some shit so San Diego better watch out. Me Miles and Temple are playing for keeps!

– What can we expect to see from you in 2011?

Got so many things planned for 2011 I’m tryin to be on my Brad Simms shit! Working on some signiture stuff with Subrosa and filming for my G.U.T.I part and all kinds of Subrosa/Shadow/Vans trips in the works! Were filming another Trip dvd so watch out for that! Big thanks to all my sponsors, Ryan at Subrosa and Ronnie B. at Shadow/ Sparkys, Jerry Badders at Vans, momma Rogoish and Papa morrow at the trip, blunted athletics and anyone who’s ever helped me out! Nice door.

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    1st comment up on the X-Mas edit. Represent! Fun to watch, but vimeo is sometime sketchy when I watch stuff via Defgrip.

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    This is somehow just did not pop, normal video, not to mention Main Webb-fucking fag…

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    i like it, his man 180’s are style

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    My Fav rider out there right now and I’m riding my Sub “Tiro” as Tribute….Cool as Mofo and a NATURAL!Fuller-Ga.