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Jeff Brown sent over a rad photo of Mike Aitken, check it out!

Mike Aitken by Jeff Brown - click to enlarge

I took this picture of Mike Aitken in October 2006 during one of my first visits to Salt Lake City. We were riding Fairmont Park and this little kid on a crappy Next bike asked Mikey if he could ride his bike, so Mikey hops on this kids shitty Wal mart bike that weighed probably 40 pounds and was practically falling apart and starts doing stylish lookbacks out of the quarter just the way he would do on his own bike, Mike never has and never will cease to amaze me with his abilities. Im glad to see that he’s back riding again.

-Jeff Brown
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8 responses to “Jeff Brown @ Random”

  1. tate says:

    So sick!

  2. Brendan Vail says:

    i think ive seen this before somewhere else, not sure where though

  3. thomas t says:

    hahaha thats soo sick, he kills it on that bike too

  4. I remember this one from back in the day(odyssey website?)!
    Cool to hear/find out who photographed it

  5. Jeff Brown says:

    It was on odyssey a long time ago I think, I just wanted more people to see it, it was the first bmx photo I took that I was happy about.

  6. matts says:

    reflectors in wheels. hell yeah

  7. says:

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