Fred Blood

Even though the legend of Fred Blood was a bit before my time, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more fascinating BMX story than that of this ex-pro vert rollerskater.

Here is one of his old pro models on General Bikes. A few of these (a couple years old) were on my local shop’s showroom floor when I was growing up in Michigan, and their $200 price tag was very tempting while I was struggling to save for my $309 1990 Haro Master.

Here is a thread where his history is discussed, the end of which features a post from Blood himself, telling his own version. While most seem to question his talent as a pro Freestyler, there’s also the opinion that Fred utilized more than just his riding skills to be successful. Here’s an excerpt from his rebuttal:

“I worked the magazines everyday because my photo contingency maxed out at $10,000 a month and my contract maxed out at $300,000 a year plus co-sponsors and then show money and appearance money on top of that.”

Pending a little luck and the outcome of my Facebook friend request to Fred, perhaps we could get him on Defgrip to elaborate a bit on his glamourous history in 1980s BMX.

13 responses to “Fred Blood”

  1. toky says:

    The name of his bike said it all

  2. dayday says:

    Would love to see a Fred Blood interview, or even a few Defgrip style interviews of old school cats for that matter. I know nobody wants to bring it up, or its not PC to talk about, but for some reason i have always found the salaries of ex pro’s fascinating. Im not judging, I guess i am just nosey that way.

  3. Kyle says:

    White text on black = hurts my eyes.

  4. dayday — Apologies for slacking on the old school BMX pro interviews. I’ve got a couple of them in the works right now, one of which will be up very soon.

  5. dirtron says:

    most epic freestylin ad ever?! in think so..

  6. dayday says:

    @ Mike A. No worries man, you guys keep keeping on. word.

  7. Someone should make wheelcovers again just for kicks. Stoked to hear about the older interviews! Salaries are always interesting, then again the tour stories always seem better.

  8. nick says:

    agreed on tour stories. My favorite one ever is the one from Chernobyl in Dig’s Travel Sickness. I wish Dig touched upon more stuff like that still.

  9. Fred Blood says:

    Any Day just hot me up.

  10. Fred Blood says:

    Crap, Just Hit me up.

  11. red stick says:

    I own his prototype bike that he rode in the 80s. The bike was featured in Freestylin magazines and videos

  12. hecKtor Dangus says:

    I wish the link to that story was still up. I was so stoked to get an SE Freestyle Quadangle when I was a kid, and Fred’s cool-looking power mower and bar endo pics in the mags definitely played a role in that.

  13. Geneva says:

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