Catching up with Ruben by Joe Rich

Joe Rich interviews Ruben Alcantara about the back problems he’s experienced over the last few years, the unexpected solution he discovered, and the ways it’s changed his outlook on riding and life in general. Featuring an amazing mix of interview and new riding clips, definitely hit that play button for one of the most inspiring edits of the year.

9 responses to “Catching up with Ruben by Joe Rich”

  1. allan cooke says:

    So cool to see a legend after all these years still get that feeling of pure enjoyment to be on a bike. Good to see Ruben with a smile and kickin the back end out.

  2. one-T says:

    F K N
    R A D
    ! ! !

  3. leif says:

    Ruben`s for everyone!

  4. dude in pablo says:

    Man so cool he figure out the issue that was messing up his back!

    Where did he go in Italy? My back is sore off and on but not as bad as his was but now i wonder if it’s something simple that can be corrected….

  5. D Ardelean says:

    Way to go, Ruben. Your will, vision, and creativity are clearly seen as you strive to perfect the skills God has given you to enjoy. Keep it up, and good riding.

  6. So positive, so inspiring, so… Ruben? Great stuff, all around. Another stand out video by Joe.

    What can’t these guys do?

  7. stoned kyle says:

    thats mindblowing it was his bite effecting his whole body.

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