Carson Leh Custom Seat

Carson Leh has been working on some custom leather seats. He sent over some photos of his most recent seat along with info about his process. Keep reading to check it out!

I’ve been re-upholstering my seats for a while. I got around to doing a few in leather over the past few months. Sadly the first one was stolen along with my bike the first day I finished it. I just finished the seat for my new bike and I took a bunch of photos during the process of making it. I use high quality thick hide that can take the abuse of falling in dirt and cement. I will be making more in the future and If people are interested in having seats made they can contact me through my email –

  • Dagwood

    Doooooooooooooope. I’ve been thinking about doing this myself.

  • DavidLang

    whoa that is beautiful

  • Andrew Brady

    So good. Might have to try this for a road bike seat next season.

  • Nuno

    very cool indeed.

  • albertmercado

    oh thats awesome.

  • Chris Riesner

    Very nice, love the hand craftsmanship going into this

  • stoned kyle

    im a sucker for white high lights on colored paper, especially tan

  • Mitch

    I love the shoe inspiration. Makes me want to disassemble a pair of my dad’s wingtips and glue them to my seat.

  • Ian

    as an artist and a bmxer, i love the thought that went into this. is good to see other people that love there bicycles.

  • Matt

    The brown leather looks soo nice.