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Click on for a rad photo by Andres Jaramillo and some words on the picture and the Colombian BMX scene.

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Every year for the 2nd week of January, Manizales (Colombia) holds the best fair of America. It has everything from bullfights, International Coffee beauty pageant, Traditional music, food contests and many other things, but it’s been a couple of years now that extreme sports have been included. Sports like Dirt Jump, Urban MTB DH and 4X , MX, FMX and climbing.

Bmx in Colombia has shown an important growth, not only the amount of participants but also the riding level. Each time a new rider appears raising the bar for the rest of the riders. As the level increases, new events are made with international riders attending like Chase Dehart, Rich Hirsch, Daniel Inman and Daniel Dhers . Colombia is an awesome place not just to visit but ride BMX, so everyone is welcome!

2011 fair will be great, so if anyone’s interested just let me know!

– Andres Jaramillo

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