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Matt Meckley by Tim Burkhart - click to enlarge

Growing up while riding BMX, there is always that one constant within every scene, kids come and go.  The guys that you grew up riding with fall out of touch with their twenty inch counterpart and soon it is time to find new buddies to session with as well as grow as a rider and as an individual.  There are also the little “grom” kids that are coming up in every scene and you always wonder which ones are going to stick with it and which ones will quit like the kids that came before them.  Matt Meckley is one of those “grom” kids that I watched grow on his bike.  I remember about six years ago when i first started seeing Matt around; he was the eager little kid that looked up to everyone and felt he constantly needed to prove himself to his older peers.  Some shrugged him off; I on the other hand kept helping him out, bringing him on trips with me and my group of friends.  Well Matt kept progressing and wasn’t one the kids that gave up on riding.  He is now at the point where he has surpassed most of us older guys and continues to progress on and off his bike.  He’s a booster and always finds a way to go faster and higher than anyone else around.  He still gets his fair share of shit from the older dudes, since he’s the youngest of our group, but regardless it is definitely fun to watch him roast whatever is put in front of him.

– Tim Burkhart
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4 responses to “Tim Burkhart @ Random”

  1. Tiiiiiiight! Fuck yeah Meckie. Good looks.

  2. wayne says:

    hells to the yeah!

  3. LandonP says:

    Looks good

  4. bobbyp says:

    TAAAAMMMMM!!!!! I just now saw this. You are a way sweet dude. (and you too meckley)