Rogoish / Passero

Both of these dropped today and fully worthy of your time.

Miles Rogoish for Osiris and Craig Passero for Stranger.

6 responses to “Rogoish / Passero”

  1. mark m says:

    Wow! and Wow!

  2. tim says:

    Rogoish is a dialed rider, no doubt, except every clip in that video made me cringe. His riding is so ugly! 180 turndowns are the worst trick in the world! Fuck!

  3. stoned kyle says:

    my 2 new favorite riders. havent heard of either. one cus he is a bad ass, the other cus he wears a captains hat and smokes cigs when he is sizing up shit

  4. DavidLang says:

    Passero edit is amazing. good shit.

  5. Alex Kio says:

    Never heard of Craig Passero but I loved his technical riding and occasional quirky style!

  6. Nelle says:

    All types of investments come with certain risks.