Haha, this is nuts. Glen PP Milligan just sent this through. Mad respect to dudes doing wheelies on the highway. I just had crazy flashbacks after watching this.

From Glenn:

A few years ago I produced a four wheeler DVD. One of the segments featured people who ride 4 wheelers in NYC. I always wanted to re-edit the section with a better track. So here it is. It was all filmed on a SONY DVX2100, BOLEX 16mm and a really crappy mic. This is real street riding and these dudes are crazy.


5 responses to “QUADS: NEW YORK CITY”

  1. dan waskie says:

    Baltimore does it better.

  2. s to the toned kyle says:

    what does a quad and a tampon have in common? every pussy has one

  3. Harrison says:

    Hell yeah Genn… That was so rad!

  4. Garrett Reeves says:

    theres a huge group of guys like that in baltimore called the 12 oclock boys http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1457073935/twelve-oclock-in-baltimore

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