Q&A: Aaron Bostrom / Neighborhood BMX

Chad Johnston and Aaron Bostrom are in the process of opening up a shop in Long Beach, CA called Neighborhood BMX. The 2 of them have been local to the LBC for some time, so this seems like a good move on their part.

I hit up Bostrom with some questions about the whole thing, so click below to check that out. Also, be sure to check out the Neighborhood BMX blog to keep posted on everything.

Logo by Mark Maligmat.

What’s up Aaron! So Chad Johnston and yourself are opening up a bike shop in Long Beach, tell us a little about how that came to be.
Well it really came out of necessity. The scene in Long Beach is growing and it was only time before some kook wanting to rape the scene we all helped build came along. I felt like it was my duty to step up and give the scene a good foundation. I had talked to some of the other older riders and Chad was the only one who was serious and ready to move forward.

Seeing as everything is coming together, How long have you guys been in the process of making the shop a reality?
It’s always been in the back of both our minds, but we’ve physically had the keys to the shop for a little over a month.

What has been the most difficult thing so far?
There hasn’t been anything all that difficult. We just went to the city and did whatever they said we had to do. There’s a ton of paper work and permits, but it’s all worth it.

Picking names for anything can be a lengthy process, Who won the name game with Neighborhood BMX?
I’ve always heard horror stories of finding the right name but this was relatively quick. We were walking into the state building and realized we didn’t have a name, so we each said a couple names. I ended up saying Neighborhood, nothing else was said and that’s that.

Will Chad and yourself be the main employees at first?

I imagine running the shop will cut into your riding time and possibly any other gigs you may get building stuff. Is this a concern at all?
I don’t really have any concerns in the world. Everything always works out. If it’s meant to be, than be it shall. I mean, there is always something going on, Chad and I are just gonna get each others backs for any trips or whatever comes up. I already missed a S&M trip to Salt Lake, but…

Seeing as this will be the LBC’s first specific BMX shop that’s run by riders, I would anticipate people chilling there a bunch, which can be a good thing. Are you guys counting on this to happen? Will there be a “chill zone” for watching videos and stuff?
Yeah, for sure. It’s all up in the air. We have nothing set in stone and mainly wanted a place for ridaz to meet up and cruise. Our main goal is to have fun, keep the good vibes and intentions on the positive path. BMX changed my life for the better and this is a way to give others that option.

Will there be a “flatland zone” for Chad, haha…?
The whole city has been dedicated to Chad. He got the key a couple days ago. The key is fuckin big.

Judging by the photos on the Neighborhood blog, it looks like your handyman skills are coming in handy. Things seem to be coming full circle. It must be rewarding and a good way to save money too.
Definitely. Possesing the remodeling skills has come in handy. The shop was a complete piece of shit when we first walked in. With the combo of Chads fashion fundamentals and my carpentry know how, shit’s tight.

In terms of product, will you guys keep your stock limited to certain brands, or will you stock/offer a wide range of stuff?
We really want to carry the products that our friends make. We’re not having any bullshit stuff. The kids need to ride good stuff at low costs. It will be all BMX Rider owned companies and some beach cruisers for the ladies.

What plans do you have for the shop? What may we expect in the future?
All types of ill shit. We’re gonna have flying bikes in the near future, along with pre loaded bars so them shits spin like a top. The bars might act as propellers? still workin out the kinks. For realz tho, Team, jams, ladies, good times, videos, all types of ill shit.

Where is the shop located and what are the hours of operation?
2319 7th ST. Long Beach, CA 90804. Send me your stickers. Operating hours? Shoots Brah, Prolly like noonish to 7ish.

Thanks for your time Aaron. Best of luck to Chad and yourself. Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
How bout a big ups to all the LB Ridaz, evryone that helped us out along the way. Party time November 27th grand opening. Unless??

5 responses to “Q&A: Aaron Bostrom / Neighborhood BMX”

  1. shad says:

    So stoked for you Aaron!!!!!!!!

  2. Adam Banton says:

    Hell Yeah Guys. Absolute best of luck. Miss you buddy, your the best Aaron!Can’t wait to see the shop!

  3. Shawn Walters says:

    F*** Yeah, Well said well spoken!!! East Side LB Hooligans Love Ya both. Can’t wait to check it out.

    Cheers, for a job well done. See you at the GO!

  4. The bars might act as propellers? still workin out the kinks. For realz tho, Team, jams, ladies, good times, videos, all types of ill shit.

  5. Kandi says:

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