BMX In Siberia

Hans from Zwangzig sent over a link to this great photo gallery with a bunch of shots from Siberia… There wasn’t much info and the Zwangzig site isn’t in English, but after doing a quick Google translation, I discovered that they went to Siberia to build a skatepark for the locals.

Keep reading to check out a few of the photos along with some info and check out the full gallery here!

“A trip to Siberia! That sounds like adventure, danger and unforgettable moments after. For the second time we embark on the journey to a country that is very different than most countries in Europe. A broken, corrupt and at the same beautiful country, we have learned the hard way. Our task was to build within 14 days, in the form of a workshop, a skate park for the local scene. A task which we here in nowhere, and this still should not underestimate Russia. (A detailed story about our trip to Siberia on in Issue 32)”

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