The Puffins Edit

Check out Tony Hamlin shredding Jersey while his girl films. Sounds like a keeper to me. Gooooood stuff in here.

Filmed by Bri Johnson and edited by Darryl Tocco.

6 responses to “The Puffins Edit”

  1. mabub says:

    Wow, normally I hate a lot of zooming in edits, but for some reason the aggressive zooming was awesome in this. I feel like when stuff has too much glide cam it becomes too smooth and just looks unnatural.

  2. TU$K says:

    My girlfriend has a 7D and never films me riding. 🙁

  3. C. Banner says:

    nice! i really thought this one was going to suck for a second.

  4. preston s. says:

    this was awesome!

  5. thomas t says:

    she can film…sweet

  6. Milan says:

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