The 22 Counties

This is awesome. Everything about this edit says good times to me and brought a smile to my face.

Great job. Bonus comedy points for the Sasquatch arm.

Via – Least Most / Sasquatch Canyon

12 responses to “The 22 Counties”


    I didn’t want that to end! Looks like good times for sure

  2. bobbyp says:

    That had a really good feel to it. That park in Fresno looks beast master!!!

  3. J says:

    Anyone know where the full pipe is located?

  4. Josh says:

    Where is the first concrete skatepark located?

  5. DavidLang says:

    Really enjoyed that

  6. hoang says:

    damn, that was awesome! whats that song?

  7. Jackson says:

    Thanks! The park is Mosqueda bike only park in Fresno, CA. The first song is “Find Me In the Air” by the Builders and the Butchers, second piece is a Neil Young song from the Dead Man soundtrack.

  8. is the best.

  9. zephyr says:

    this edit is so rad. reminding you that riding bikes is all about havin fun…

  10. zach says:

    that full pipe has to be the craziest most iconic spot in the area i love riding there it just feels insane

  11. Kristy says:

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