Nike Bridge Runners By Tim Barber

Nike’s Bridge Runners, a photo series by Tim Barber documenting people running on the bridges of New York, made it’s rounds online over the summer. For some reason I didn’t really check it out, but after I got hit up to go to an opening for the photos tonight, I did some googling… And even though these photos have probably been on every website ever, I still felt like they deserved a post. The videos that coincide with the project, created by Exposure are amazing as well. Nice slow-paced shorts documenting the photographer documenting the runners…

2 responses to “Nike Bridge Runners By Tim Barber”

  1. kyle says:

    I love supporting companies that dont support us. Yeah they give X amount of money to sponsered athletes, but look at our economy. outsourced sweatshops at their finest.

  2. Daniel says:

    Now it’s time to choose your particular investments.