Macneil Northwest Tour

Macneil just dropped this 15 minute edit from their recent tour.

From Macneil:

Here is the video from our Northwest tour we went on from Vancouver to Portland! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Jaumell Campbell, Chris Martindale, Chris Silva, Travis Collier, Harrison Boyce and even Dom Mach has a few clips! The trip was a blast and it was super productive as far as riding goes. We logged so much footage that rather than leaving a bunch of stuff out to post a quick edit, we put together more of a full video section and are bringing it straight to you on the world wide web!

5 responses to “Macneil Northwest Tour”

  1. Dan says:

    Greg Flag killed it.

  2. joeybaggadonuts says:

    the whole video was insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what was that like a 720 g-turn!?!? whatever you wanna call it, it was crazy! the whole video was crazy!!!! everyones edits were amazing!

  3. cameronasa says:

    Gosh this thing was SO good. SO many bangers! 540 bar on that steep bank???

    awesome edit. Psyched.

  4. Yeeeeah Harrison’s been riding

  5. Monique says:

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