Kyle Emery-Peck @ Random

This here is my friend Jason Teet gettin a rail manual from beginning to end. I shot this when I was staying at his house in Vancouver for the summer. Jason broke his foot a few days after this was shot out riding, and I hope he’s almost healed up by now. Keep an eye out for him in the upcoming Blazeguard video. I shot this on Kodak 100gx cross processed.

Kyle Emery-Peck

8 responses to “Kyle Emery-Peck @ Random”

  1. struthers says:

    ricky would be stoked!

  2. cubby says:

    fuckin ricky…

  3. Louis B. says:

    hell yeah sweet!

  4. jbvo says:

    killlin it kep n dj teet! into it…

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