James Cox

Our boys at BMXMDB have done a really good piece with James Cox, which frankly, I think you should check out. Good stuff.

James sat down to talk to us the day after winning two NORA cups for best video, and best video section. He talks about his riding and filming career and how he approached filming for ‘This Is United’ edited together with footage of his riding from S&M’s ‘I Wanna Live’, his Retribution and Atilla video parts, and examples of his work for 4Down.

Pick up This Is United if you haven’t yet.

2 responses to “James Cox”

  1. dirtron says:

    that was so rad. best hardway barspins! Twas real cool to hear his perspective on a lot of stuff

  2. nanoo.net says:

    This is true for investment advice as well.