About a month ago Nigel Sylvester kicked off FU-LETSRIDE. Basically, the idea was to get some cool events going in the NYC area. The first event was a game of B.I.K.E. with 8 riders: Nigel, Tyrone Williams, Dominic Biro, Bradd Simms, Jared Washington, Oba Stanley, Ralph Bury, and Ralphy Ramos. It took place at and in 8 Bond street studios, the same place where Nigel had his Birthday party later that night.

Here are the first 4 matches from the game. More to come tomorrow.

-Glenn PP Milligan

Click below for round 3 & 4.

FU-LETSRIDE ONE: B.I.K.E. Round 1 Match 3 and 4 from FU-LETSRIDE on Vimeo.

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