Stabby Women Zine

Josh Bedford emailed in some info regarding these “Stabby Women” zines that his friend Kid Acne has put out. Josh helped with some of the printing on the project as well.

Click below for more info. HERE too.

• Hand-pulled screen printed cover in pink flouro ink
• 600 word artist’’s summary
• Traditional litho-print blood red on stone grey paper
• Set of 8 full-colour postcards, gloss laminated
• Limited run of 250 – individually numbered and embossed by the artist

Stabby Women is a project of serendipity, which has crossed borders and continents. Originally set free to invade São Paulo, this band of female warriors has grown in power and strength to occupy the nooks and crannies of cities worldwide.
Armies of over five hundred Stabby Women now patrol our streets amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and London – a cast of heroines that peer from the bottom of doorways, subtly patrolling their domain. This fanzine is a document of that, so this nomadic tribe is not forgotten, like so many of their foremothers.

Available HERE.

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