R.I.P. Paxton’s Trails

Heath Pinter hooked up the following statement regarding the recent plowing of Paxton’s Trails, which have been a big part of the California trail scene in recent years.

So as you have heard, Paxton trails are no longer. Like most trail spots getting plowed, it started with a neighbor who complained. Not sure what the complaints were or what neighbor. We did have options with the city to permit the jumps with a very high price tag. Paxton’s trails were running for 6 years with plenty of good times and most of the neighbors support. If there is anything I will miss, it was all the good times with people traveling through. It still amazes me on the people who traveled out to ride with us. On a positive note we are building a new spot that will be running asap. Thanks again to Lonnie Paxton and all the people who made it out to ride or hit the jams.

-Heath Pinter

Click below for some before and after photos.

8 responses to “R.I.P. Paxton’s Trails”

  1. Ryan C. says:

    What’s with people and negative vibes? Not good for others, not good for yourself. Realx, positive vibes. (reagards to paxton’s neighbors)

    Glad to hear you’re moving on Heath! Keep at it.

  2. Xave says:

    I am sorry to hear about that. Looked like some fun spot… Keep it up!

  3. Ryan M says:

    Sad day indeed. Never made it out, but enjoyed every bit of footage I ever saw from this locale.

  4. fybcorp says:

    It’s weird that someone would complain and rather look at that bland expanse of dirt rather than put up with a little bit of noise and fuck up everyone’s good times. Shame

  5. really says:

    It’s already a bonus that they could keep it up as long as they did. They must’ve had really patient neighbors.

  6. brah says:

    damn looking at the last two pictures in this post next to each other really bums me out. neighbors should mind their own business, oh well, best of luck with the new spot

  7. Tao says:

    WTF – whos the asshole that snitched. For a short time now i wanted to check it out, I’m old school bmx at sheep hills, twin palms, and so many places to ride over the years. To future people who complain let the riders have a place to go or deal with them on the streets,malls,whereever. the choice is yours BMX riders will always win no matter what you do, so why give them a hard time.

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