Q&A: Mike Mastroni / Football

When it comes to Mike Mastroni, we are fans here at Defgrip.

Being aware of his PREVIOUS WORK, I knew that OSS Football would be in good hands with Mike behind the scenes. As an added bonus, Mike is also in front of the scenes.

Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Mike regarding the filming & editing of Football.

Whats up Mastroni, how are you?
Doing great man.

So, “Football” is done and available. How does it feel to have the project wrapped up, and how long of a process was it?
It’s such a good feeling and somewhat of a relief at the same time to finally be done with something you’ve spent so much time working towards, and be really happy with the final product. And, it’s been almost 2 years since Adam hit me up with the concept of OSS and doing a video.

Besides some quick (quality) web edits, this is your first major video project correct?
Yes. Doing a full DVD definitely seemed like a daunting task to me at first.

Prior to work starting on the video, was there some sort of direction or theme discussed heading in? Or did you guys just film a bunch and get it sorted later on?
The original plan was actually just to film thru the spring & summer of last year and put out like a short mixtape type thing with a few full sections to be released simultaneously with the first OSS parts. I never really liked that idea to begin with and as time went on, Adam seemed to be bouncing around with companies and having some difficulties getting parts made anyway. Also, throughout the first year things really started to become a lot clearer in terms of who was actually on the team and who probably wouldn’t film too much with us. Everyone who was stoked on OSS obviously wanted to film a lot, so it only made sense to us as that point save what we had so far and go for a full video.

What kind of equipment was used to film and edit this video?
Almost entirely Panasonic DVX100A’s and B’s. There’s a few things in Charlie’s section filmed with the FU-cam too. I also have a little dolly setup that I built which is essentially just a rolling platform for my tripod that sits on PVC pipes. I edit with Final Cut Pro on MacBook Flow (not Pro) with a couple external drives for all the footage.┬áSo yeah, pretty simple setups really. I can see a computer upgrade being necessary in the near future though.

I know you guys filmed a bunch while you were in Austin, but what are some other places we can expect footage from?
New York City, Boston, San Diego, Burlington (VT), Toronto, Baltimore, Philly, Connecticut, a few things from London, France, & Barcelona…and other than that mostly just a ton of little places close to where everyone lives.

Who racked up the most footage?
Craig and Garrett both had a ton.

Besides filming and editing, you also have a fully interesting and creative part in the video as well. Did you stress having to do a part, in addition to everything else? (ed. note: Mike’s part is one of my favorites)
Thanks! I think at first I did kinda stress it, and I definitely filmed a bunch of stuff that I didn’t end up using, just for the sake of getting footage. But around the time we moved into the full video thing, I thought, “Hey, I’ve got some time” and decided I was really only interested in riding things I’m way way into…and in Texas I definitely managed to find those things. So, come crunch-time I’d say I definitely stressed making sure everyone else had a good section that best represented them and their riding much more-so than I stressed my own.

I’m sure people who put together videos hate singling out what their favorite part is, so I’m just gonna ask you which section was the most enjoyable to put together and why?
The intro was by far the most enjoyable simply because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it from the get go. I went out and filmed all the shots for it, keeping in mind where I wanted the titles on the screen and all those fine little details that I already had worked out in my head. So, sitting down and creating something real from something I thought up and filmed specifically for was very, very cool to me.

Am I crazy, or did i notice some applause effects?? I thought that was a funny touch.
Ha, nah you aren’t crazy but those also aren’t effects. Garrett and I both ride to live Fleetwood Mac songs off a concert album they did called “The Dance.” It was like a post breakup re-union thing so needless to say the crowd was going nuts. I decided it was too weird to take them out because they only add to the songs, and the parts…especially Garrett’s.

Any balls up?
For the most part, no. I’ll admit to losing a few things here and there before they made it to the computer but as far as our team’s footage was concerned it was nothing too important. I also had to tire ride a rail twice because the first time around the camera glitched out, and I had to send it off for a cleaning. My computer was a trooper though, I honestly stressed out so hard everyday that something would go horribly wrong with it, or even worse, my external drives.

Throughout working on this project, did you and Adam butt heads at all on how some things should be? I could be wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Adam has some strong opinions. (music selection, editing, order etc…)
Haha, I wouldn’t say we ever really butted heads too hard. There were a few instances where Adam would suggest something and I would immediately shoot it down or vise versa, but in the end Adam really just let me do whatever I wanted with the video because he trusted I would put work into it and do a good job. I’m super thankful for that too, because I would have hated doing the video if our friendship turned into like a boss situation and I had no creative process.

If anything like that was going on though, it was more like me and Adam butting heads with the rest of the team about all those things you mentioned…but again, overall everything went pretty smooth.

Would you have any insight on how the title “Football” came to be? Adam claims it’s too stupid to explain.
Oh yeah, it’s pretty stupid lol. Basically Seeley, Garden homies, and myself all thought it was really funny to make fun of like super bro jock type dudes…like maybe the type of fag you’d see in a lifted Jeep Wrangler or something. We’d always be like “Oh fuck yeah man, what time is the game on?” or like “Ya bro fuckin’ football!.. go Raiders baby!!!” From there that kinda carried over to us screaming “footballllll!!!” and “touchdownnnnnn!!!!” after people landed their tricks. Jake actually demonstrates this quite nicely in Charlie’s section. But yeah, basically the name stuck and we told people that’s what it’s called…so even though we were kinda over the joke at that point, the name remained.

Thanks Mike, I think you’ve scored a touchdown with this one (pun intended). Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
Uh…yeah ya know…I’d just like to give a giant thank you to the entire team ya know, we really played hard out there ya know…and yeah, we were in it to win it! I’d also like to thank Adam for…ya know.. really going that extra mile and playing a man-to-man when we really only asked everyone to play a zone. Great work out there guys, lets do it again next season.

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