Mutiny Wisconsin Weekend Edit

Here’s a new Mutiny edit featuring Brandon, Justin and Grant.

Filmed and Edited by Paul Dybas.

7 responses to “Mutiny Wisconsin Weekend Edit”

  1. skippyskii p y y ksis ski py skipy it skips clicksss

  2. andrew says:

    yeah simpson. but the whole time im thinking “plaese someone do something worth watching

  3. Jack says:

    omg I standed right next to that green rail next to the franks place building… Had a summer camp in the dorms right by it… Wisconsin is great.

  4. henrik says:

    1:46 grind is beautiful.

  5. greg t says:

    double peg hop over hard 180! 1.53, what the heck?!

    good music too, viva minus the bear

  6. Vapid says:

    Aplomp!!!!!!! was a pleasure raiding w/ you man…. no more battle rez haha =) kick ass man and take names

  7. Dawna says:

    And this is an funding risk price taking.