L.I.T.S / Oakley Trails Champs Photos

Just came across a bunch of rad photos from the Oakley National Trails Champs on Lost In The Shadows.  Besides these photos, I know nothing about this event, but it looked sweet.

Hit up Lost In The Shadows.

4 responses to “L.I.T.S / Oakley Trails Champs Photos”

  1. jasonV says:

    not to sound gay or nothin… but that gave me a photo boner! so good!

  2. Holy Shit! Those photographs are so stunning, I want large mounted prints of every Robobbo image. Seriously, who is the photographer? I want prints noww.

  3. Wednesday says:

    Photographer is James Brooks…

  4. nanoo.net says:

    A monetary advisor is your planning partner.