Jason Vawter @ Random

Kurt Murseli by Jason Vawter - click to enlarge

This is Kurt Murseli performing an Xup / transfer maneuver from the left hip to the big quarter at Ron Mercers Woodyard in New Westminster B.C.

Kurt is a 6’6, mad as hell, and his first tattoo was a pineapple wearing sunglasses… He is also single ladies! Kurt also runs a small convenience store out of his bedroom at the Ghetto Mansion in Burnaby
“so if you’re ever in the the hood, and you want something good, stop on over at Kurts place… It’s nice “-K.M.

This was taken with a Canon AE-1p, and some very old Tmax b/w

6 responses to “Jason Vawter @ Random”

  1. jaumell says:

    my old deuce! kurt is one big nig.

  2. colton ponto says:

    ya kurt!
    that ramp is beyond fun

  3. DavidLang says:

    yea Jason dope photo!

  4. chrissmith says:

    the kid!