Cult Interbike Promo

Here’s a Cult promo that was playing during Interbike. It’s 10 minutes and does not let down.

Thanks to Navazio and Robbie for hooking this up.

47 responses to “Cult Interbike Promo”

  1. wow. says:

    so fucking good.

  2. Colin says:

    Roche is on another level. And Timmy has the smoothest hop whips I think we’ll ever see.

  3. Insane says:

    Holy Dehart!

  4. toby says:

    HOLY SHIT! amazing, seriously dvd quality. Such a dope team, fuck the haters. CULT delivers!

  5. tom perry says:

    That fullcab to g-turn was ever so wonderful.

  6. mark m says:

    Fuck You Cult! for making me want to ride when it’s 120 degrees out!

  7. TROY says:

    good clips from some solid riders

  8. aiy says:

    @ mark m, be proud of it, it is 30 out here or something…

  9. JesseJames says:

    whats up with no Trey Jones?? DAK killed it!

  10. Chris B says:

    not even fair…

  11. JesseJames says:

    my bad, hes in there..

  12. dan says:

    SICK AS FUCK, i wanna go out and ride now, JERSEY REPRESENT!

  13. Party says:

    What camera/s do you guys film with? Nice edit.

  14. ryan says:

    freakin cult, juss when i get outside, ithey make me wanna ride again(x

  15. money says:

    cultcrew+navaz= unstoppable

  16. j-rad says:

    link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. bummer

  17. gabe says:

    dak the strongest rider in cult

  18. Ryan C. says:

    Another stand out edit! How can the online edits be this good?!

  19. thomas trnka says:

    madness, pure madness. dakota has springs in his shoes for sure

  20. LandonP says:

    Best web edit ever!

  21. benedict says:

    holy shit..alex kennedy has changed.four pegs + free coaster?

  22. HARLEMSLIIME says:


  23. YetiDiaz says:

    Yo Dak killed it once again, best promo out there, Chase Dehart’s song please?

  24. s0l3 says:

    Zero’s Chris Cole can do also 360s on a bike, nice!

  25. ahhh says:

    this video is loaded completly but still stops every 5 secods wtf! i been an 3 different cpus and it still does it

  26. tombmx4 says:

    fullcab to g-turn was crazy good!!
    make this video downloadable?

  27. dretti says:

    fuuuuuuuuck, so sick dude. dakotas nose manuals are insane. i got all stoked a few weeks back when i nose manualed a couple benches but shit, all of his were too crazy! xD

  28. durrrr says:

    song is by UGK, not sure what the name of the song is

  29. Dylan Sechler says:

    all the music in here is so fresh and so fitting.

  30. Nor Cal Squirrel says:

    Those lovely Cult frames were made at SOLID in Northern California by people who care and ride. Hand made in the U.S.A. Strong team, too much good shit.

  31. dorerbmx says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the first song???

  32. dorerbmx says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the first song??

  33. matty g says:

    i had trouble blinking my eyes while watching this.

  34. joek says:

    chase D is the man swagg all day stright fire nothing else.

  35. Pashtette says:

    looks like Trey Jones was filmed on some phone

  36. will grahn says:

    squirrel is a boss, deathrow is clean.
    this video is too good.

  37. durrrr says:

    chase d’s song is UGK ‘7th street interlude’

  38. Chris says:

    Whats the second song?

  39. Sean says:

    the full cab to fackie nose by dave krone was rediculous

  40. Habababa says:

    Whats the last song(Dakota Roche)?

  41. dakota says:

    this will be our year- the zombies

  42. Thabiso says:

    WoooW… Cult is the present, and the future!!

  43. Tempestbob says:

    Did he just ride over his own hat?!

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