COMUИE’S 2nd Annual Karlson Tea Party

We posted on the Karlson Tea Party at COMUИE last year and this year they are back with another great event. Focused on motorcycles and photography, the event looked like it was a blast and the bikes on display look amazing! Keep reading to check out more info on the event as well as a bunch of photos.

Saturday, September 25th COMUNE hosted it’s second annual motorcycle and photography show, Karlson Tea Party. Curated by renown motorcycle journalist Nelson Kanno, exhibiting builders that were hand-picked for their historic influence and inspiration on motorcycle culture for over the past 20 years included: Cole Foster, Ian Barry, Trevelen Rabanal, Kiyo, Kutty Notebloom, and John Edwards. Photography composed by both Adam Wright of “Road Course” and “Hauler” photo zines and Canadian born, skate industry veteran Scott Pommier were also on display.

Over 600 motorcycle enthusiasts, industry veterans and fashion heads were in attendance to check out the artistic wizardry and authentic mechanics of motorcycle culture. Dramatic lighting, groovy tunes and the roar of motorbike after motorbike filled the night air and set the perfect stage for a unique atmosphere while guests enjoyed carne asada by Gringo and The Bean, the bottomless supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dono dal Cielo wine and Vitamin Water.

Thanks to everyone that came out for a memorable evening! For additional event photos and video coverage, check out the blog features this week online at

Photos by: Jason Lee Parry, Sean Rosenthal, Mike Quinones.

4 responses to “COMUИE’S 2nd Annual Karlson Tea Party”

  1. Earl says:

    Everybody jump on the bandwagon!

  2. Jon says:

    What is that bike in the picture before the jump?

  3. Tegren says:

    What bandwagon are you referring to? This brand has been involved in motorcycle culture since before it was even a brand. Feel free to hate though, it’s so easy.

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