C’etait un Redezvous

A good quote from John Dillinger in Pubic Enemies: “I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you… what else you need to know?” I’ve got 2 of those 6 for you right here: The famous 9-minute movie C’etait un Redezvous is back online.

For those not familiar here’s the long story short: Mercedes blurred the lines between comfort saloon and sportscar back in 1974 with the 6.9, which is widely revered as the baddest Mercedes of all time. In 1976, French filmmaker Claude LeLouch strapped a camera to the front of his 6.9 and drove it full speed through the streets of Paris to make this film — the story of a gentleman who was apparently just in a hurry to meet his lady. Later he did the same drive in his V12 Ferrari and dubbed that soundtrack into the movie.

Click below to see the movie and waayyy more.

A skilled F-1 professional was the driver.
Claude himself was the driver, although this hasn’t been admitted because Claude never obtained legal permits to shoot the film.
Claude was arrested at the premiere of the movie.
Claude had assistants with walkie-talkies at certain points of the course, who were to alert him of hazards. During the filming, the walkie-talkies failed and it was only by chance that no one was harmed.

Here is where you can read the story of the movie — quite possibly the most complete and inspiring account of what went down.

Here is an analysis of how fast the car was going throughout the film.

Here is Jay Leno waxing poetic about the movie in a Mercedes SLS.

Here is the 6.9 in action in one of the best car chase scenes ever in a movie (Ronin). The 6.9 comes into play at 3:00.

Here is the 6.9 Wikipedia page.

Here is 6.9 sighting from my old neighborhood — the car still sits rotting in that spot.

6 responses to “C’etait un Redezvous”

  1. liam says:

    finally you guys post this! I sent you guys an email about this after you posted the jay leno video waaay back. too sweet!

  2. tom says:

    yes mike! what a legend, always posting dope auto stuff. got this on dvd but the 6.9 bit is news to me. always believed it was some F1 star piloting a ferrari. very heavy.

  3. Liam – not sure if I got that email! I’ve been wanting to post this up but it seems the movie was off of YouTube for a while, and I couldn’t find it anywhere for purchase. I did read that they sold copies for $50 each when it first came out.

    Tom – thanks! Here’s another great article for you:

  4. Shame it’s in French but Lelouch revisited his short a few years ago and explained in details how the whole thing was made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHn5Q15kaIA

    Only then did he did admit to being the driver. 🙂

  5. emmanuel says:

    “C’était un reNdez-vous”

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