BMW “Unscripted”

A while back I saw all these Chevy “ads” based on their old products and image. For a company that now makes the HHR, I wasn’t quite sure that reminding everyone how cool you used to be was really the best sales tactic, but it was interesting.

Later I came across this Mercedes ad which championed the reliability of their past and present cars. If you watch the long version, a couple of those stories were real tear jerkers.

Now we have BMW’s “Unscripted” campaign, the first installment of which features an older gentleman talking about his awesome 2800CS with over 400k miles on it. A real character, a great car, and a well done commercial.

Check it out here.

2 responses to “BMW “Unscripted””

  1. BEN KELLGREN says:

    Good stuff – The Enterprise office I work at has 30+ HHRs in fleet. I hate them all.

  2. says:

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