Ben Austin @ Random

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Rider: Quinten Carston
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Yes, this is a ratty 4 foot park. Quinten Carston is one of the few people with enough pop to make riding this mess in South Minneapolis worthwhile. While most riders might write this place off before even stepping on the pedals, he immediately dropped in and started pulling off trick after trick that shouldn’t have been possible on such small ramps. Adding to the difficulty was a crowd of around fifteen random little kids that were constantly screaming, grabbing our bikes, doing cartwheels, and running all over the place. My personal favorite was a twelve-year-old with a rat tail that insisted on punting a football he had found straight up in the air near the ramps. Or maybe it was the five-year-old with an even longer rat tail and a brightly colored backpack that had “Go Wild” written on it in big yellow letters. Either way, Quinten was able to avoid both of these little hellions as he tucked a few good no-handers and called it an evening.

Ben Austin

4 responses to “Ben Austin @ Random”

  1. kimo says:

    dude has dialed tucks

  2. Dirtmonkey420 says:

    Nice photo Ben, nice tuck Quinten. Two ice cold fellas(Ben and Quinten) sure know how to make a great photo. Also ratty kids at skateparks is sometimes what makes sessions so fun.

  3. Ben A says:

    Thanks man!

  4. Anton says:

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