These are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken, all at the Hate House in Sheffield and during the filming for Joe Cox’s first video ‘Voices’. They were probably some of the best days of my life, no worries; just ride every day then party at night. Nobody really had any idea that Voices would be that popular. It was just before the Internet really crept into BMX, so nobody really cared what was going on outside our scene. I was studying in another city but I was back in Sheffield for the summers, so I’m guessing these photos are from sometime around then. Marv’s shaving in the bath because Joe dropped a hammer through the sink. The place was a total wreck. I’d love to see Joe’s pictures from the houses in some sort of book one day. He’s the longest serving resident I think. The squalor never really got to him; everyone else would have meltdowns occasionally.

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photos by Daniel Benson