These were taken during a recent Fit trip to Finland. Coxie fell off barspinning a steep bank and chipped his two front teeth. He still hasn’t had them fixed and I don’t think he has any plans to. As always, he looks pissed off here. I’m pretty sure he was in a good mood, we’d just finished riding, the sun was still out and we’d got some beers in, what’s not to like about that? I’ve been away a lot with Coxie over the past year and it’s always a treat. He’s probably my favorite roadtrip companion at the minute.


Here’s an Autophoto with the UK’s Daniel Benson. I’m always stoked when I see his stuff in Ride UK, and I’m not sure what took so long to get him on Defgrip. Nonetheless, here we are with an Autophoto.

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photos by Daniel Benson