7D 1000 FPS

Whoa, just came across this edit on TWBE. This is slow motion test footage that was shot on a 7D in 720p 60fps by Oton Bacar.

Super drawn out slow-mo kinda makes me tense up and uncomfortable haha…, but this is pretty nice to look at.

8 responses to “7D 1000 FPS”

  1. tom perry says:

    This effect is best utilized for air stunts, like tabes. A good example is in Let’s Get Mystical when Nikki Croft does a tabes at what I believe is a Vancouver park… the super slow mo kicks in just as he clicks the tabes, no ramping… looks AWESOME. I think maybe I just have a crush on Joe Simon.

  2. hater says:

    If there wasn’t enough jelly look in your dslr footage already, here’s a good way to add more!

  3. aron says:

    wow. this slow-motion test plays out like an advertisement to how awesome BMX is. at the end i expected a title card to pop up in like helvetica nue selling me on a brand, but nope. nice framing, slow-motion effects and score. beautiful…

  4. Nick says:

    It looked like a slow-motion test to show me how goofy BMX is ha. Sorry, not feelin it.

  5. andy lai says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have info on how they did this effect do you?

  6. Luka Urbac says:

    @andy lai: Basically, they used an After Effects plug-in that seems pretty easy to use. It’s called Twixtor. You have quite a few tutorials on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=twixtor+tutorial&aq=f

  7. Jonas says:

    Haha awesome. I wouldn’t like this to be used in every producion, but it would be really useful in more educational stuff I guess. Watching footage off yourself in this much detail can learn you a lot on were to improve. Or to see how the pro rider you really admire does that one trick exactly.

    On a side note. It seems that more and more people are turning to DSLRs for there video stuff. Will this be the death of video-cameras?