Sneak Peek / Orchid Wiz 2

Orchid will be dropping a new version of Wiz’s shoe (the Wiz 2) in October. Derek hooked us up with a sneak peek for you guys, along with a quick Q&A with Brian Wizmerski.

Click below for pics and Q&A.

What’s happening Wiz. What have you been up to? It seems like you’ve been busy riding this year.
Yeah it’s been a crazy one. I got married, been working two jobs, and traveling with Eastern and Animal.

Your new shoe is coming out soon. Are you stoked on the way they came out?
Hell yeah, I been looking at the samples every day waiting for them to be done.

What makes this shoe different than the Wiz 1?
I liked how long the old ones lasted, but I’m more into a thinner shoe these days. We slimmed them up a bit with less layers of material, and a different sole. That should make the shoe a little lighter and a little less hot on your feet.

What’s your fascination with red shoes?
Ever watch a Phillies game? Red shoes just look good.

You have one other model coming soon. Do you want to tell the people about that?
Yeah along with the red shoe, which is made of leather, we have a synthetic Animal collaboration shoe coming out this time. It is black and gold with the same sole as the red one.

Shout outs?
My wife, family, friends, and all my sponsors. I wouldn’t be here answering these questions without those people. Thank you.

8 responses to “Sneak Peek / Orchid Wiz 2”

  1. Ron B says:

    Congrats Brian, well deserved as always. Hopefully I will see you in the shop or out riding again soon.

  2. Daaaaamn. Love the look of those shoes.

  3. dayday says:

    dont want to sound like a hater, but those are the best looking orchids in a loooong time…good job!

  4. strappy says:

    I like these shoes but would love them if the sol was black.

  5. Those are amazing, the animal ones sound like they’ll be my new shoes!

  6. Adam Banton says:

    Hell yeah Wiz, glad to hear you got good stuff in the works brotha. Shoes look sick, Animal collab is rad too.

  7. Chris B says:

    Red shoes do look really nice.

  8. says:

    it is very good shoe..
    nice.. what about the price??
    where should we buy it?