Sam Buros

Sam Buros hit me up a while back asking if I could send him the Defgrip logo, so he could do a few prints for a school project. I was stoked, sent him the logo, and here are the results! Sam also sent over a bunch of other prints, as well as a writeup about his process. Big thanks to Sam for the support!!

These prints were all made using a process involoving light sensitive polymer plates.  Using a light table I was able to burn images into these light sensitive plates and then  was able to create prints by running the plate through a Vandercook letterpress.  The defgrip prints were some of my first prints I made using this process and while I was still experimenting.  The five other pieces were a series made for my Senior Exhibition at Arizona State University.  I hand drew all the images on tracing paper to create the images and so they may burn onto the plates.  Each one of those pieces is in an edition of 15 and printed on Somerset velvet paper.

Check out Sam on Twitter – @Brainmangler

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10 responses to “Sam Buros”

  1. TulareHouse says:

    Those are really cool. How does it compare to silkscreen? Can you do more than two colors?

  2. Max says:

    That gold inverted one will surely find it’s way on my car if I can get my paws on it!

  3. Cleon says:

    good work my man.

  4. yeah sam! these are great.

  5. stoned kyle says:

    hey top dude. a print you can do multiple colors and its what most artists use to duplicate their work. It differs from silk screen that its a stamp instead of screen with a design.

  6. Red says:

    So is this kinda like doing an etching, just light-sensitive plates instead of metal ones?

  7. sergio cash says:

    Me gustan mucho, felicidades boy

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