Ricardo Cruz @ Random

Matt Trujillo by Ricardo Curz - click to enlarge

This is a shot that was taken in Reno, Nevada at the Mira Loma Skatepark at about 10:20pm with no lights of Matt Trujillo ever where we go he just kills it amazing rider and all around good friend. So for this shot I used two flashes a 430ex and a 580ex to the right and to the left of the rider shot with a canon 50d threw a sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens.

Check out some more of Ricardo’s photos on his flickr – flickr.com/photos/rcphotography_nv

3 responses to “Ricardo Cruz @ Random”

  1. jason vawter says:

    fuck yeah 50ds!

    i like the teaser crop of the @ randoms

    its like the dark plastic covers on the porno mags that hide the mystery of a lady’s special bits…until you buy them

  2. Lucas says:

    ^hahaha best way to describe something ever

  3. nanoo.net says:

    All kinds of investments include certain dangers.