Hoang Tran @ Random

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“We all been hard at work filming for the Subrosa video, G.U.T.I., but when I say hard at work I mean we have been having the best times with our best friends shredding and partying! This is Kyle riding a cheese grater quarter before the cops stopped him from partying to hard. Can’t wait for the next trip!”

Hoang Tran

5 responses to “Hoang Tran @ Random”

  1. dan waskie says:

    This photo is awesome. Exactly the kind of stuff I like to see in bmx photography.

  2. Bossman says:

    That’s my boys!

  3. tom perry says:

    This photo turned out sickkkkkk, hell yeah hoang

  4. dirtron says:

    psh!.. thought it woulda been more clicked. hehe

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