You guys were pretty psyched on Luca Barcellona’s work that I posted a few weeks back, so I’m sure you are going to be into this “calligraffiti” done by Shoe! A bit more sloppy and free-flowing, Shoe has a great hand style and a serious collection of work.

Via Surfstation

7 responses to “Calligraffiti”

  1. colton ponto says:

    That was super.

  2. clif says:

    such elegant pessimism

  3. clif says:

    it holds it’s pen at 45 degree angle and it writes things, pretty things, with no meaning or purpose but to be read.

  4. stoned kyle says:

    love the drips, loose the splatter

  5. sc says:

    Gotta love it.

  6. Eleanore says:

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