BBC – Madness in the Fast Lane

This is by far one of the most bizarre, intriguing, and haunting documentaries I’ve ever seen. The story is as insane as the real-life footage the BBC captured.

You will have to sign in to Youtube to watch it because of age restrictions. If the link above doesn’t work, click here.

7 responses to “BBC – Madness in the Fast Lane”

  1. Ryan M says:

    A BUNCH of this doesn’t make sense, let alone the fit of madness. Crazy,
    Good post David.
    Ryan M

  2. Patrick L says:

    very interesting to say the least, but im still quite puzzled by much of this. gotta love the BBC though.

  3. Mark says:

    Here’s the link to the Beeb site with more info:

  4. Great there is one in the US and soon to be one in the UK… This thing is gonna be like a sequel to a horror movie. “Madness on the Interstate”

  5. UK cops are terrible, I can’t believe it took 6 people to apprehend one of the twins. In the US she would have been tasered, cuffed and a kneed to the back of the neck with her face in the ground. Definitely interesting though.

  6. nick says:

    First thoughts = “is that Fuck Buttons in the background???”

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