Stevie Churchill got the name “lil Stevie” because he was our friend Jimmy’s little brother that would follow us everywhere riding. He would be trying tricks on a bike too big for him and actually be doing them. Seeing a 9 year old kid do fly out 360’s was awesome. I never really thought about it too much, I mean it was cool, but he wasn’t changing the world. I don’t really remember seeing him much until years later, and this little kid was doing 720’s down stairs. I remember asking Jeff Martin who that was, and he goes , “That’s Jimmy’s little brother Stevie, I told you he was gonna be good.”

Since we first meet he has pretty much stayed the same. He still has these wide eyes for riding and is always psyched to ride anything, A lot of kids will ask, why is he called lil stevie? Maybe it’s because he is still only 16, maybe its just a nickname that will be stuck to him forever; I call him that purely because he has a pure kids perspective of riding, and I am reminded of it every time I talk or ride with him. Reminds you really why you started riding in the first place, it’s all about fun.

Jeff DuPaul


  1. ethan says:

    damnnnnn stevie…


    Kid Shreds it. one of the most down to earth riders I know.

    Its about time people heard his name

  3. Cam Barquinero says:

    Stevie is fucking savage!!!!! this was by far one of the best web videos put out this year, fuck yeah stevie

  4. shane mclellan says:

    so good!!

  5. Joe G says:

    wow soo good and he honestly is one of the nicest kids i know. goodshit

  6. tom perry says:

    That edit was terrifying; dude definitely has skills.

  7. mason says:

    id have entercourse with his riding abilities.

  8. woww says:

    wowwww stevie u are good xo

  9. coreygodfrey says:

    so nuts

  10. brian horecky says:

    this kid is no doubt really good and we get it that he has super dialed trucks, tailwhips, and 540s so we dont have to see ten or more of each of them. I mean you cancould have the got the point across that hes real good without a 4 minute edit full of repeats three or four of each is plenty. not hating just saying

  11. garey says:

    dude kills it for sure, so damn good.

  12. misoly says:

    OMG, that was crazy,

  13. MarcasGrubbs says:

    wow. dudes too good.

  14. diego bmx says:

    what the song plis

  15. diego bmx says:

    what the song please

  16. andrew acevedo says:

    wats the 2nd song and this kid shreds

  17. tcu king says:


  18. diego bmx says:

    what the song pliss

  19. wow says:

    It was good.. undeniably got skills. Though the 540 situation was out of control. Probably no need for the 12945 540’s in there.

  20. Kaspars says:

    private video?

  21. TYRANT says:

    Damn, that was off the hook…never seen anything like that pulled at the WESU set! I’m dizzy from all that spinning!!

  22. jeremy says:

    it’d be cool if he put his skills to use doing something that actually looks cool

  23. gregrides says:

    good thing he rides better than nuno writes intros.
    take a college english class, my friend, it can only help you out at this point.

  24. HA! Hey greg, they teach you to read in college? Nuno didn’t write that introduction. And, that kid has ridiculous skills.

  25. David Lang says:

    That was messed up. dude is so good

  26. cody says:

    stevie sucks. get some skills<3 love you stevie

  27. Andrés says:

    fucking sick!

  28. mike valentine says:

    killin it once again stevie.. i like how i was in the back grounds hahaha ,3 keep it up bro!

  29. Dobr says:

    he fucking killer!!!

  30. johnstratton says:

    damn stevie shit was dope

  31. lil frenchy says:

    he’s a fucking beast …
    the last truckdriver is insane !!!

  32. diego bmx says:

    what the song?

  33. go raw vegan! says:

    first song
    Sea Wolf – You’re A Wolf

  34. okb says:

    2nd song?

  35. says:

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