Nike Standby: USA Edit

Here’s the 3rd place edit. Featuring Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow, Rob Wise & Shane Weston. Filmed by Stew Johnson and Christian Rigal. HOT DAMN!!!

Click below to check that out.

Team USA claims 3rd place

This was the first video dropped at the premiere and the only reason those few in the audience weren’t screaming was because they were sitting slacked jawed or were the other directors who had their heads in their hands.


Director – Stew Johnson, 36, Austin, Texas – Years filming: 14
2nd camera – Christian Rigal, 21, San Diego, Californa – Years filming: 2 1/2


Dennis Enarson 19 – Nike 6.0, Harobikes, Matador (Jack Links), Rockstar, Demolition Parts – Years riding: 11
Shane Weston 23 – Hoffman Bikes – Years riding: 9
Rob Wise 24 – Gtbikes, DC Shoes, Demolition, 5050, Skullcandy, Xbalm – Years riding: 11
Ty Morrow 19 – Federal Bikes, Vans, Staff, Deadline – Years riding: 8

With an all star line up on both sides of the camera the US crew hit banger after banger and produced an edit that you’ll need to watch a bunch of times just to take it all in. This section is a total onslaught on Barcelona architecture with no regard for new or hallowed turf – it was all there for the taking.

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