Nike Standby: Germany Edit

When I first got the email about this, I totally ignored it thinking it was another promo for the recent BCN PRO thing. Totally Confused. Thanks to Will Smyth for the followup.

However, here is the breakdown:
As part of the BCN BMX PRO The Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona competition saw 5 countries go head to head to shoot the best street film in Barcelona within an allotted time. Countries included France, Germany, UK, USA and Spain. Each team was made up of one lead director, one filmer and four riders. All of the countries had just one week to film and edit their entire section in a bid to bag the overall prize of €10,000

Click below to check out 5th place, Germany. Featuring Stefan Lantschner, Bruno Hoffman, Marc Remmert and Jan Beckman.

Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona – 5th Place Germany from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Over the next week we will release one edit a day, starting with 5th place given to the German team.
The voting for each of the films was conducted by the Standby Barcelona riders and filmers themselves.


Director – Dominik Wrobel, 28, Cologne, Germany – Years filming: 10
2nd camera – Markus Wilke, 34, Cologne, Germany – Years filming: 10


Stefan Lantschner 26 – Nike 6.0, Fly Bikes, Carhartt – Years riding: 8
Bruno Hoffman 17 – Red Bull, Wethpeople, Vans, Dubbmx, Eastpak- Years riding: 7
Marc Remmert 23 – Lafinca, D! Clothing – Years riding: 8
Jan Beckman 24 – Wethpeople, Almond Footwear – Years riding: 8

Director Dominik ‘Woozy’ Wrobel had his work well and truly cut out. Not just busted but ‘super busted’ with bike confiscation, heavy-duty fines and a lack of anything to shoot for 3 days means that his end result is nothing short of remarkable. Look out for some tech hi speed camera magic.

“I really enjoyed working with everyone and watching what our friends from the U.S. UK, Spain and France did in the same week was a treat as well! Even though we had some major trouble with the police and our bikes were gone half of the trip the guys still managed to get some good footage on and off the bikes…. ha ha ha! Hope you like the video – I enjoyed editing and shooting that one for sure! Cheers to everyone making this trip happen! See you soon!”

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    holy fuck if that was 5th place, im in for a fucking treat

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  3. love the slow motion stuff using the high speed!!!