Nike Standby: France Edit

In first, we have France in the Nike Standby contest. Click below to check out the edit.

Voting was done by the Standby riders & filmers themselves on the night of the STB premiere for these results. Let us know what you think.

Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona – 1st Place France from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Whether it was the Burgers, Chorizo, Roast Beef or Frankfurters that tickled your fancy over the course the week in the end it was the trusty French Frog that came in as the dish of the day…

Zut Alors! The top spot in the Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona is – TEAM FRANCE.

Nike 6.0 would like to congratulate the French crew Directed by Hardrien Picard for producing such a high quality film and edit in just one week, incredible; this final film of the series from the French team is a well deserved win… sit back and watch the best edit as voted by all the riders and filmers who took part in Standby Barcelona 2010.


Director – Hadrien Picard, 28, Paris – Years filming: 3
2nd camera – Stephane Karie, 21, Strasbourg – Years filming: 4


Florent Soulas 27 – RoyanBycycle, Coalition, FBM – Years riding: 6/7
Joris Coulomb 20 – Nike 6.0, Properbikeco, Season, Marie Jade, Slidebox- Years riding: 7
Clement Baes 21 – Superstar, Animal – Years riding: 10
Georgy Doremus 21 – Nike 6.0 flow, Subrosa, Shadow Consipiracy – Years riding: 6

“Could this week be better than it was? Honestly I think no. The crew was perfect, it was like being with friends all the week. The weather and the place was also ideal for a project like that. Having the other teams on the same building was super fun too,
I wanted just to do my best without thinking about the competition as I thought that we wouldn’t win. I guess it worked good! Thanks a lot for inviting me!”

8 responses to “Nike Standby: France Edit”

  1. Danny says:

    And the win goes to the only guy with a tilt-shift lens!

  2. stoned kyle says:

    ahah danny!!

    but great film, def a hard one to judge. I would rather see a few tilt shifts then 3 angles any day though. I would say riding all together was outstanding. Cool contest, not a fan of nike but their putting money into the sport…. and if they keep pushing bmx I am all for it.

  3. ethan says:

    360 at the end was hectic

  4. Danny says:

    For sure, not hating…overall this was really fun to watch and the riding was awesome.

  5. Marky Mark says:

    hands down deserved win # 1

  6. David Lang says:

    Wow definitely appreciate the production quality on that. Great video.

  7. says:

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