Nike Standby: Barcelona Edit

Barcelona took the 4 spot in the Nike 6.0 Standby series. Includes Sergio Layos, Nil Soler, Ruben Rodriguez and Daniel Martos. Filmed by Carlos Maqueda.

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On their home turf and coming in as the underdogs, the Spanish team show that like their football team they are stepping up in the game with a sweet edit taking 4th place in the Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona video comp.


Director – Carlos Maqueda, 29, Madrid – Years filming: 3
2nd camera – Tony Robles, 26, Madrid – Years filming: 5


Sergio layos, 25 – Madrid – Flybikes, Oakley, Redbull, Etnies, Empire – Years riding:15
Nil Soler, 17 – Igualada – Nike 6.0 flow, Pirate, Canal extremo – Years riding:5
Ruben Rodriguez, 24 – La laguna – Mutiny, Flybikes, Enfant, True bmx – Years riding:8
Daniel Martos, 21 – Ponferrada – Flybikes, Enfant, Dub bmx, True bm – Years riding:6

Carlos Maqueda
“The trip is over and I’m pretty happy to be a part of the Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona Spanish team.
It was an intense week filming. Hand in hand with Toni and 4 of the best and nicest riders on the planet, even under the burning sun in Barcelona. Sergio, Nil, Rubio and Melo destroyed every single spot they hit, with tons of style and some of the most creative lines.
Thanks to the people who did this possible, we had a good time and we wanted to show it in our edit.
Every team in the contest did an amazing job. Congratulations to the winner… its incredible work.”

9 responses to “Nike Standby: Barcelona Edit”

  1. Chris Wilmshurst says:

    That intro was such a feel good piece of work!

  2. Max Duff says:

    Im in barcelona at the moment…. the amount of street spots here is out of control! Nose bonk to wall ride was amazing by the way.

  3. Scotty says:

    Good video, but really, better than the German edit?


  4. Tim B. says:

    Man sergio will always be in my top 5 riders….so smooth. Real good edit.

  5. stoned kyle says:

    i agree greman video production wise killed this one. I would say riding slightly more killer in this video tho. so i dont know how they were judging, but overall id pick the german.

    nose bonk to wall ride was stellar. these cats are killers

  6. Steve C says:

    Anybody know what the first song is ? Really good summer vibes ! I need it in my life.

  7. Chris Wilmshurst says:

    I think one thing I did not like about the German edit was that the colour grading was so horrible. Plus this has such a feel good vibe, and wasn’t so concentrated on one rider 90% of the time.

  8. lo says:

    The song is from a spanish group called Delorean and the track is Seasun.

    Good video..!!4th place is good Maybe a little bit better than Germans

  9. says:

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